A Case of the Mondays

I have to tell you; often as a pastor I’m discouraged. I get up on Sundays and Wednesdays and preach my heart out only to find the low of Monday morning where I ask the question what am I doing, what is God doing, and does any person in the church even remember what I said on Sunday morning. I think this is normal for any pastor. The high of Sunday, speaking the words of God, is met by the apathy of Monday morning, realizing often that if thing are going to change, change is happening at a snails pace. Well for Monday came and it was Monday, then Tuesday came with more disappointment and apathy became bitterness. I needed encouragement. I needed to know God is at work at WHBC. Then this morning happened. God knew my struggle, he knew my discouragement, and was already working. You see for the past month I have been preaching on evangelism and giving my congregation practical tools to share their faith with. The series passed and I felt no good was done. Then today one of my members called me. God had put on her heart a burden for her brother in law. She had been praying for him and witnessing to him for some time, but this week she brought the tract and bible that we had given out during the Sunday a.m. service, and using a little of each technique that we talked about over the past month she led him to the Lord. What a way to begin a day! I know my ministry is not about me. The moment it becomes about me, I need to quit. But I needed encouragement, and God sent that encouragement through a senior woman who saw her family as her mission field and brought a soul to the throne of grace. God’s good, He saves, He works, and He’s ready to use you and me.

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