A few quotes from my morning reading

From-John Henry Jowett “The Secret of Peace and Goodwill” Preached December 25th, 1918.

“If only we would give glory to God in the highest, peace on earth is sure, and goodwill among men is secured.”

“And what sort of relationship does Jesus Christ demand when He speaks to the souls of men? There is no uncertainty about the response. Christ Jesus asks for the full surrender of our life to the governance of His will, and to the power of His saving grace. He calls us first of all to bring our life and offer it to Him as savior, and then secondly to use that offered life in obedience to our Lord.”

“It is the surrender of the personal life to a personal Lord and Savior.”

“Vital Peace among men is to be brought by the individual man being at peace with God—rectified and justified and sanctified in the power of God’s redeeming love and grace. “

“Christianity says, “You cannot have outward harmony with inner discord! You cannot have external rectitude with internal crookedness! If you forsake the perpendicular you will have a bulging wall!””

“You cannot have peace on earth and goodwill among men if men are disrupted from God and living in alienation from His holy fellowship.”

“What say you, has Christianity failed? There is a much more pressing question. Has Christianity been tried? We have been trying to gather harvests before we have got the field, and we have tragically failed. We have been trying to organize peace and goodwill as though it were a manufactured product, and we have pitiably failed. “

“And now, brethren, suppose we try Christ! And suppose we begin where the angels song began, by giving glory to God in the highest! Suppose we glorify God by the full surrender of our lives in body, soul, and spirit, to the saving governance and control of the Lord Jesus Christ.”

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