How God Will Bless America?

It seems this world is spiraling out of control much in the same way the Israelites saw their world fall apart in the book of Judges. Things just seem to be getting worse. Many great men, warriors of the faith, are doing what they can to put corks in the dam of America before the fruit of our nation busts through and we are left in our dregs. One of the ideas being presented is the Manhattan Project. As I have stated in my previous post, I agree with the writers on standing against infanticide and unholy union. I have other problems with the document, as are listed, but you can read them in that post and I will move on.

The great cork that we as Christians are building not is a cork that will not last. We are doing what we can to try to moralize America from the top down. Day after day I have men and women come to me and say simply, we need to pray for our country. Yes, we do. Here is the problem, America as any country is only as moral, strong, etc as its people. Today and could send a bill to Washington stating that homosexuality, infanticide, pornography, and dancing were wrong, and all that would do is add fuel to an already explosive fire known as our culture war. The answer to the decline in our country is not in congress nor our president, it lies in the hearts of Americans.

Yesterday I went out and spent some time with one of my deacons. God saved this man at the age of sixty and his life is a testimony to God’s goodness. Because God changed this man’s life, he began to witness to his family. I have to tell you every time he is around his family, Jesus Christ is on his lips. Because of his witness, God saved his daughter and son in law. Now because of this deacon’s daughter and son in law’s faithful witness to what God has done, they saw God win one of their friends.

How will we see our nation change… witness by witness by witness. I commend many of our great thinkers on their work in preserving a godly heritage in our nation, but also realize that our problem does not lie in Washington, but lies in our churches. Legislation and protests will not change America, God will, and it will happen as we look for him to change hearts, not policy.

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