Learning to Lead…

It seems so easy. I remember looking a pastor don some 12 years ago knowing God’s great call, yet knowing nothing of the responsibility. It is incredibly tough. Why… because being a pastor of any church, whether in Duncan, Oklahoma or Okinawa, Japan , means leading a congregation of redeemed sinners to do righteous things. I would have thought that simply saying thus says the word would be sufficient, but we all struggle in the fight of flesh and spirit. I would have thought that the title pastor would have established some sort of authority, but all it gives you the right to do is stand in the pulpit on Sundays. On this I would have thought I was alone, I would have thought that it was a singular problem, but this past week I got an opportunity to sit around and discuss the ups and downs of leadership in the local church. Every pastor told the same story. Some with 10+ years of experience in a single church, others just days.

Leadership whether in the church, the home or the office is not given by title, but earned though time and relationships. I’m currently reading “Lead Like Jesus” by Ken Blanchard. In the opening pages of the book he asks what motivates you as a leader. He asserts that for most of us it is either self promotion or self protection. We lead not to accomplish the things of God, but instead we lead to get ahead or not get fired. Ouch… that hit home. He states “If your driving motivations are self promotion and self protection, you will use your influence with others to fulfill these needs. If your actions are driven by service and dedication to a cause or relationship, then you will model and encourage these values in others.”

In your marriage…. Do you lead to promote or protect yourself… or do you lead out of dedication to the relationship

In your parenting… Do you lead to “be in charge” or survive parenting… or do you lead to raise your children to be spiritual giants.

In you work… do you work so as to get a promotion or not get fired… or do you work so as to benefit the company.

In your church… do you serve to be recognized or to gain power… or do you serve so as to do the things of God.

Maybe the whole mess were in today in our country, in our homes, in our churches is because the majority of our leadership is centered around self promotion and self preservation.

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