Why you should enjoy serving God.

God has created us to find joy in life. Our joy comes in being fulfilled by Him. He is our greatest joy.

Have you ever thought that God did not create us as a cruel experiment to see us serve him in misery? Have you ever thought that God did not write the law to be our sorrow, but our joy? Yes even those passages in Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy. I had an epiphany today… one of those thoughts that you know in your head but never applied to your heart. My greatest fulfillment in life comes when I do what God created and gifted me to do.

Let me illustrate, I love hospital work. I love sitting with families, who are going through immense pain, while sharing the hope that only Christ can give. The only way I can explain this is that God has gifted me with mercy toward people who are going through the storms of life. You see, there is nothing in Wes Faulk which inclined me towards giftedness in this ministry. The only explanation is God’s gifting of me to do His work. Now, when I do this work, I find the greatest fulfillment both in ministry and in God. You see when I use the gifts that God gives, I find my greatest joy in this world.

Let me illustrate it in another way, I really dig going and doing hard labor with my congregation. Whether its disaster relief, or Monday work nights, building alongside the carpenters of our church, I love serving. I find great fulfillment in using the gift of service given by God.

Please hear me, I do not put this up to pat myself on the back, but to help you understand that if you are a follower of Christ, then you should find joy in serving Him.

Go and find what God has equipped you to do. Go use God’s gifts, relying on Him, and find your greatest joy and fulfillment in Him and His service.

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