Good Friday: Peace

The Faulks have seen their share of storms. From Okinawa to Oklahoma, we have experienced the shock and awe of natural disasters and their abilities.

In Okinawa, we were privileged to see a Category Six typhoon hit our small island and sit on us for about a day. The wind and rain alone took the palm trees in our backyard and bent them to the ground. The storm pulled a satellite firmly secured by steel bolts out of concrete and launched it to who knows where. The water was pushed so thick and fast that it oozed through every crack and joint in our house.

When we left Okinawa, we thought we were leaving storms behind. This truly showed our ignorance in our move to Oklahoma. In Oklahoma, there is nothing that stops the wind. Here, the north and south winds blow at full strength until they are met by another strong wind causing storms that produce tornadoes, thunderstorms, and all around havoc. In the past year we have seen a blizzard that made Oklahoma look more like Canada and an ice storm that shut down power for close to 3 weeks in Duncan and outlying communities.

Most every person has a storm story. Okinawa and Oklahoma are not the only places in this world with severe weather. Every place has something whether it be hurricane, drought, earthquake, or tornado. The pure havoc that theses natural disasters create is of such magnitude that it leaves a mark in our memories.

This week as I have pondered peace, I have asked what we have peace from. There are storms in every life. The storms that do come are a direct result of either our sin or the simple fact that this world has been tainted by sin and is ruled by death. For some, the storm is a family member who is ill with no explanation of why. For others it is the battle of sin and guilt with no clear view of hope. I could go on and list storm after storm that consumes the soul, but even now you know the storm that is in your heart.

In Mark 4, Jesus and the disciples were crossing the sea when a storm came out of nowhere. The disciples began to panic, not sure of what to do. They ran to Jesus and woke Him up from where He was resting at the back of the boat. Jesus simply stood and said, “Peace, be still.” At that moment, the storm grew silent, and the sea was still.

It is really easy for us to see the storms in our lives and panic. It is easy to see their magnitude and have no hope, but one word from our Savior can calm the greatest storm. We as Christians have peace in the midst of storms for we stand with Him who calms the storm with just His spoken word.

Today we celebrate Good Friday. Today we celebrate where true peace was purchased. Jesus Christ was crucified for my sins and yours, and by His sacrifice we have peace. The true storm of the soul is that we are controlled by sin — it is our master, and without the word of Christ, we sink to our own death. Christ, though, has calmed that storm through His death and resurrection. He is the peace in the storm.

1 Corinthians1:3 Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.

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