Justice and Grace

Liberty and justice for all. The American ideal. If there is one thing we can all understand it is the great concept of sacrifice. Every day it seems, another American service member gives his life for the great cause of justice and liberty. We are the beneficiaries of men who throughout our history have given their lives so that we might have liberty and justice.
At the heart of liberty and justice is the idea that men are generally good. It comes with the idea that that justice for most men is freedom and the punishment for unjust men is captivity. Though justice from man’s perspective is a good thing, justice in light of God’s call is a scary thing. In our country, when held up against our laws, most men are good. In God’s view, compared to His law, we are utterly sinful. Jesus showed the spirit of God’s great call for us when He showed that hatred was equal to murder and lust was equal to adultery in the view of God.

The liberty that has been given to man has been abused and that liberty has led us into sin, where we choose to find other gods to replace the One True God. We have chosen to serve ourselves, money, capitalism, lust, pride, all before choosing to serve the king of eternity. In our liberty we have put on chains of the slavery of sin and then began to worship our chains. Our liberty has let us justly earn God’s condemnation and our death.

Justice for us is the due penalty for our work. Before God no man can walk to Him and claim innocence. We all come as treasonous sinners who deserve the wrath of God. There is no man who can stand in light of the holiness of God and hopefully ask for justice. Justice for us all would be eternal death.

Today we celebrate sacrifice… the sacrifice that was given on our behalf by God, not to give us liberty and justice by to give us grace and peace. Justice was poured out on Jesus Christ on the cross, and in Him taking that punishment, He gave us grace. Grace for mankind is our freedom from the chains of sin so that we might once again fulfill the purposes of our lives, the service to our God. The Bible says we can do nothing to earn grace. Grace is not grace if we earn it. Today we are celebrating Easter… the celebration of Easter is the celebration of God sending his innocent and perfect Son to die as a sacrifice on the cross for us as men, not based on our goodness, but based on His love. We celebrate Easter because the chasm of sin that once kept us from truly worshiping God has been removed and we can come before God not as traitorous enemies but as peaceful children adopted by His blood.

As Christians we do not stand on liberty and justice because our liberty has led us to sin and justice has led us to death. Today we stand on grace and peace from God the Father and our Lord Jesus Christ. His grace has freed us from the chains of sin, and by His blood we may come before God, not as enemies, but as sons.

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