Weeds or the Word?

I had a wild hair this year. One morning as I sat eating breakfast in my dining room, I decided I would be one of those people who actually care about their lawns. How hard could it be? I went to Wal-Mart, bought a bunch of seeds that had pretty pictures on the front and decided this was the year that the Faulk’s would have a pretty lawn.

I had no clue that moving your yard from cut to manicured would be so tough. As I walked out the door, I moved immediately to a place in our yard which serves as planter in front of the house. I began pulling weeds. The more I pulled, the more I realized how deep and tangled they had become in my soil. Finally after what seems like 4 hours of pulling, my I got to actually plant in my flowerbed.

Honestly, I was expecting to walk out the next day and see beautiful purple and white flowers all across the front of my house. For some reason they were not quite in bloom. So I watered and went inside. Fast-forward 2 weeks… I am just now seeing the results of my work. Small seedlings are creeping out of the dirt showing the fruit of my labor.

In Christianity I think we are always looking for instant results with minimal effort. If we just listen to sermons and Sunday schools, then we will be different. Like in plants, we must de-weed our lives, plant the seeds, water the seeds and be patient while growth happens.

Paul thanks God for his work in the Corinthians saying “that in every way you were enriched in him in all speech and all knowledge”

The Corinthians did not have everything together. (I’ve read ahead) They struggled, they sinned, but God’s call for them never changed, it was to be saints.

Today I wonder what weeds are in our lives that strangle the joy and growth from us, maybe TV, money, pornography or pride. We cannot sit and let weeds come to control us. We have to remove those influences from among us. We must also be watered by God’s Word. I genuinely wonder how different we all would be if we read scripture anticipating God to convict our hearts and grow us to be righteous. How much time do you spend in scripture? For those who know Jesus Christ growth must happen, but it will not happen when we allow sinful influences to enrich us. Today take a look at what influences you, what enriches you, is it the this world and its culture, or is it the Word of God?

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