Christians and Hypocrites:Apples and Oarnges

I am firm believer that you cannot walk up to an apple tree and get orange juice. It’s impossible. It is the basic truth that scripture teaches that you will know them by their fruit. A person who trusts in his own righteousness is person whose righteousness will fail. A person who has no passion for church most likely is not married to the True Bridegroom. A Pharisee will be seen by his hypocrisy.

Some may keep up a charade for a while, but eventually charades end and true character begins.

In verse 4 of 1 Corinthians one Paul gives thanks for the grace of God, in verse 6 he points to the proof of that grace. “even as the testimony about Christ was confirmed among you” He shows that grace is something that is seen by fruit. It is confirmed by works… not earned, confirmed by.

One of the many things that people point to in the church is its hypocrisy. By definition hypocrisy is pretending to be something that you’re not- Talking the talk while not walking the walk. Here is the heart of the matter, if we as men and women of grace are truly saved, we will bear the fruit of salvation. If not, we will bear the fruit of hypocrisy no matter how many church services we go to.

What fruit do you bear? It is not a bad thing to question whether you bear Christian fruit or not. It is better to scrutinize your fruit and realize that it is of self righteousness and repent, than to stand secure in that self righteousness on your way to Hell.

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