Exclusive Truth in a Tolerant World

I recently read an article on why Franklin Graham could not give a devotional on the National Day of Prayer at the Pentagon. The reasoning for the objection… because he called the acts of Muslims evil. This is the perfect fodder for a heated political debate. It was radical Islam that led to the attacks of 9-11, but on the other hand, many Muslims do not stand by those attacks so they might be offended by the government bringing in Graham.
My take is not a political take but instead an opinion for those in the church. Graham is criticized for holding on to a basic Christian truth… that which is not of God is sin. In our tolerant culture, Graham would not be criticized if he were a Christian who brought no offense to others, but because he holds that only Christ saves and the whole of world religions lead to hell, he is ostracized in the public eye because he is simply too radical.

1 Corinthians 1:23 states “we preach Christ crucified, a stumbling block to Jews and folly to Gentiles”

The authentic, unashamed Christian message is an offensive message. At its core it holds that it alone is right and everything else is wrong. It states that Islam, Buddhism, Capitalism, and even Politicism will all lead you to hell. The world today doesn’t want to hear that message. The world today needs to hear this message.

Our temptation is to hear the virtues of the world and cave to them. Out temptation is to hear a world that tells us that tolerance is a greater virtue than truth and succumb to its ideals.

We as churches today must show that we do stand for exclusive truth, but we must do it in love. All too often the world’s picture of Christians’ truth is the picket line outside of the most recent Harry Potter movie. We stand for truth, but we don’t stand in love.

We must stand in truth because the love of God compels us. We stand in love for the root of the Christian message is love. What does that look like?  It is not yelling outside of funerals — it is sitting with a friend or a neighbor or a stranger and showing them that Christ alone will save them.

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