Ministries that Matter: World Crafts Village

We know there is great poverty in the world.  We know that there are families in third world nations who struggle to feed their children.  We know that there are women in these places who turn to prostitution because they have no other way to make a living.  We know that the future is bleak for children who grow up in these dark corners of the world. 

But we also know that the love of Christ extends to those who are hurting, who are impoverished, and who so desperately need help.  And we know that surely there are ways we who have been so blessed can help those who are in such great need.

What we don’t often know is how.  How can we help?  With these impossibly difficult circumstances so far removed from us, what difference can we make from where we are?

World Crafts Village is a place where you can help.  Founded and run by the Women’s Missionary Union of the Southern Baptist Convention, World Crafts Village gives artisans from impoverished parts of the world the opportunity to sell their crafts online, working alongside IMB missionaries to further their skills and learn more about the love of Christ while making a living.  The online site allows buyers to shop by country, by item, or by general categories and includes information on each of the groups that made the crafts.  WMU guarantees that the money you spend at World Crafts Village goes to the artisans, so by shopping on this site, you are partnering with foreign missionaries to alleviate the burden and struggles of those half a world away.  (Many of the items will come to you with a note about the person who made them, letting you know their testimony, and describing to you what a difference the money earned via World Crafts Village has made in their lives.)

We’ve purchased many items from World Crafts Village and have ALWAYS been pleased by the quality of the crafts, the speed with which they were shipped, and the selection offered online.  From purses to jewelry, home decor pieces and nativities, World Crafts Village offers items that are perfect for everyone on your list.  (I especially recommend the nativities, which are either hand carved or hand painted, and detailed to fit their country of origin.)

So, go check out the site.  And remember that every purchase is about more than getting an amazing craft from half a world away — it’s about changing lives and making a real difference in the world as well.

Guest post by my lovely wife, Jennifer.

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