Defending the Detestable: Westboro Baptist Church

I posted this article in May, but since the Wetboro Church is appearing before the supreme court today I thought it would be a timely article.

I am by no means a supporter of Westboro Baptist Church. I am embarrassed that they carry the name of Baptist. I believe that they are not people who worship God but instead worship their own hatred and pride.

All of that said, I am watching intently as their court case is brought in front of the Supreme Court. Though I wish this group would not carry the name of Christ and though I hope that their message would fade away so that they might not continue to stain the whole of godly loving churches, I do hope that the Supreme Court rules in their favor.
In this case the High Court will not be making a judgment on whether these people are hateful, mean, and foul mouthed. They will not be making a decision on whether their message is right or wrong. The Supreme Court will be making a decision on whether this church has a right to proclaim this horrid message.
Recently in our nation we have moved from judging men on the basis of their actions to judging men on the condition of their hearts. Our government has taken steps to punish men for taking any stand that is intolerant to another’s point of view. We as churches must fear this trend in America. We as churches stand for one standard of truth, we stand saying that sin is sin and we won’t compromise on that fact. We stand stating that there is one savior and all men who do not trust in him will go to hell. It is this message that we will be tried for, convicted by and jailed from if Westboro Baptist Church loses its ability to protest.

Again… I find the message of the Westboro people to be detestable but I hope that they retain the freedom to spew their vile garbage.

Recently in England a British pastor was jailed for answering the question of a woman who asked him if he believed homosexuality was sinful. Article Here. America is taking steps quickly to follow in that direction. We are quickly losing our right to state what we believe in the name of tolerance.

Why do I defend Westboro Chruch… I defend them because the liberty of all churches is wrapped up in this church of hate.

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