The greatest you will ever be is when you are nothing. So give up, surrender, and stop trying. No matter how hard you try, how good you are, and how much you accomplish, you simply are not Jesus. God’s call for you is not to have your best life not, nor is it to be best you that you can be. The problem with these phrases is you. The gospel is not about you. Redemption is first and foremost about God.
So if the gospel is not to make me great, what is the gospel? The gospel is making God great and making me nothing. The Christian life leads us to lead lives as shadow men. Our aim is to become less and less of ourselves and more and more about Jesus. As we become just a shadow of our former selves we allow God to be fully seen in us.

This coming week we will study John the Baptist. John was approached by his followers asking why Jesus was attracting so much attention and in his wake John was receiving less and less. John’s response to his followers has set the example for what we as believers are to do. He stated “He must increase, and I must decrease.”

When people see you, do they see you? Do they see a person striving to be good? Do they see a person who goes to church? Do they see self righteousness or do they see Christ. The man who lives in the shadow of Christ is a man who is not seen for his good works, but instead allows God to be seen in Him.

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