Book Review: Patton, The Pursuit of Destiny

Friends, I have recently discovered that Thomas Nelson is giving their newly published books to bloggers in return for an honest unbiast review. Below is my first review: Patton, The Pursuit of Destiny.

Patton, The Pursuit of Destiny by Agostino Von Hassell And Ed Bressen is an easily read detailed account of one of America’s generals whose footsteps seem larger than life. In this account of the larger than life general you are taken from General Patton’s birth and childhood, though his training, into detailed accounts of his military career and all the way through his death.
In honesty, I am not a scholar of history and knew little of Patton or the details of either WW1 or WW2. That said, I gained a great appreciation for one of the great men of our country and for the military strategy of the allies in the second world war. I did feel the author did not look as critically as necessary at many of Patton’s grandiose actions often rationalizing them away by explaining Patton’s emotional state or past. I also struggled as novice to Patton to follow the progression of his wartime efforts. One might consider holding this book in one hand and a map in the other as places begin to get jumbled as the story moves quickly. Overall though, the author does a remarkable job of showing how a man who felt he had a destiny to die on the battle field ended up leading our military to victory.
I received the copy of Patton free from a reviewing arm of Thomas Nelson Publishers.

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