Review: Seeds Of Turmoil

There are few subjects more polarizing or interest grabbing than the current conflict between Israel , their allies and the Muslim world. In Seeds of Turmoil, Bryant Wright a pastor in Georgia, attempts to show how the current state of affairs in the Middle East was born out of the family disaster of Abraham, Sarah and Hagar. Wright takes the reader through both the biblical foundations of the conflict and the historical progression of the state of Israel and its Muslim neighbors.

I decided to read this book to learn both history and theology on this conflict. This book delivers both. Be warned though that Wright holds a distinct point of view regarding the nation of Israel that is often held in dispensational circles. As to the read I was expecting a page turner because of its subject matter, but found it be opposite. For me this book this book was a labor to read. I had trouble keeping focus as the author tried to walk a fine line of biblical scholarship, historic accuracy and life application. In this line he excelled in explaining his view of scripture, and historical accuracy, but moments of illustration and life application seemed to be distraction from the main focus of the book.

I received the copy of Seeds of Turmoil free from a reviewing arm of Thomas Nelson Publishers.

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