New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year!!!

So it’s a new year and as a part of that I am taking a bit of time to look back over the past year. It has been a roller coaster of a year with both blessings and struggles. I have seen God work in my life in ways that were both tough and necessary to move me to a greater dependency on Him. This year I have begun realizing the overwhelming power of prayer in my family’s life. I have realized beyond a shadow of a doubt the faithfulness of God for his called men. I also have come to understand that I must never be content in my growth as a father, a Christian and as a pastor… Here are my “New Year’s Resolutions”. It’s my hope that come December 31,2011 I might look back and see how I’ve grown in these areas of my life.

1. For me- to blog at least once a week. My relationship with has been an on again off again failure. I started writing on the sight to express my dreams and hopes for the church and ministry, but through a few hard times, I let it go to the wayside. It is my hope for 2011 to blog regularly on my sight.

2. For my family- to make the time spent with them matter. I have noticed there are times when I come home from a long day of work to sink in to my favorite chair, turn on my favorite station and ignore the most valuable people in my life. Jennifer, Ana and Emma… It is my hope this year to spend QUALITY time with you, investing in our family.

3. For the church- to lead it with boldness to fulfill the great commission. I am a people pleaser. At church this leads me to lead pragmatically hoping to please everyone. It is my hope this year to lead the church to please God first. It is my hope to lead our church to become on mission for God’s great purpose.

4. For God- To share my faith as a normal part of my life. It is so easy to let church stay at church and think that it is my ministry. It is my hope this year to not lead an evangelical life in the pulpit and a cowardly life at home. My desire for the coming year is to allow God complete control in my life where He is evident in my words and actions everywhere I go.

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