A Busy Church

Have you ever noticed how busy you can get around church…. Standard activities are Sunday School, Morning Worship, Discipleship Training, Evening Worship and even Wednesday Prayer Meetings. It seems that activity after activity can add up to a full life of church and its activities.

Have you ever asked the question of whether Jesus would be pleased with the religious world that we have built? If Jesus were to come would he consider that our church world would be worth his death? Did Jesus die so that we would be busy?

This past week I preached a sermon on the 1 Corinthians 13. The passage simply states that all things done in church are simply noise if not rooted in love.

As I grow and learn in the pastorate I am increasingly convinced that we spend more and more time in activities to cover for the loss of authenticity in the church.

How do we recover? We must first realize that an active participant in church does not equate to saved person. We must begin preaching a true gospel that leads to genuine decisions. We must desire changed lives more than busy ones that produce efficient numbers. Finally we must again see God as the hope of our churches not our ingenuity.

Just a thought for a Tuesday afternoon.

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