Book Review "The Next Christians"

Most Christians and pastors are concerned about the alarming trend of young adults running from the church. In this genre there seem to be a wide spectrum of books that have the answer to the ills of the church. Some encourage you to a change of style, while others lead you to revamp your programs. Most paint a grim picture for the 21st century American church. In The Next Christians by Gabe Lyons, he takes a different perspective of the turn in the church. In this book he attempts to show how a new generation in the church is not the destruction of it but its restoration.

I will gladly admit that I did not agree with everything in this book. That said, If I read only things I knew I would agree with , then how would I be stretched, and how would I grow. There are several treasures in this book that make it worth a buy. What I find so worthwhile in this book is that, Gabe Lyons does a remarkable job in the second chapter of defining how people tick in the church. As a pastor I have come to see in greater depth how many people are wired, and also how I may communicate and think differently than them. From there he moves to define the next generation of Christians. He calls this group restorers, and pursues what they believe and how they tick throughout the rest of the book.

I would gladly recommend this book with caution. I recommend it because it has stretched me, has helped me understand both the people in my church and a generation that we all are so desperate to reach. I would caution it in that I do not know if I could come to the same conclusions as the author.

I reviewed a free copy of this book from-

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