I Have A Dream: The Need For Vision

Martin Luther King Jr. was driven by his values. He valued the equality of all men to the point that he gave his life for his belief. Martin Luther King Jr. knew his mission. His mission was to bring racial equality to a country that oppressed it’s minorities. Martin Luther King Jr. would not have been the racial reformer he was if it was not for his vision. Many men in MLK’s time held to the values, but they did not rise to become reformers. Many men held to MLK’s mission but never gained the influence and notoriety of Dr. King. What made Martin Luther King Jr. so different was his vision.

What was Dr. King’s vision? It was a simple speech where he painted a picture which men and women could see of an America who stood, played and lived unified.

Vision is the mission and values with flesh around them. Our values as churches are constant. Our mission never changes, but our vision moves and adapts as the world changes. As churches we are aware of our values. We know evangelism, fellowship, unity, prayer, love and the Word are things we hold dear. I believe we all agree that our mission is to make disciples of all nations. I think we fail because we don’t have a dream of what it looks like today. Many times we had a vision 10, 20, 30 years ago and have not allowed it to adapt as the world has changed.

As churches we must dream a new dream. Our dream must be rooted in our constant values. It must be centered by our mission. Our dream must be relevant to today and adaptable for tomorrow. Today if you could paint a picture of your church in 10 years what would it look like? If you could foresee the church in 30 years, what are the possibilities? Do you have a dream?

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