The Grace of God

In recent days I have found grace more and more difficult. I understand that grace is undeserved merit given by God to all men. I have always understood that grace is unconditional. My struggle is that in my heart of hearts I believe that I am worthy of receiving grace, all the while thinking that those who have hurt me should get their just desserts.
This past week I finished reading “The Grace of God” by Andy Stanley. This book to me was not a great revelation of any sort. I don’t think that through it I learned anything stuningly new. This book served as a reminder to me of the depth of sin within my life and relief of freedom that grace brings. Throughout the book, Stanley shows from scripture to scripture the nature of God’s grace from the fall of man to our redemption on the cross by Christ. Over and over the book has shown me the complete and utter helplessness of man and saving sweetness of grace.
In my life this book has stirred me to realize how little I believe in and practice grace. I think we all desire grace for ourselves and judgment for our enemies. This book has refocused my heart to look at others through the same grace that I so desperately need.

*I received the copy of The Grace of God free from a reviewing arm of Thomas Nelson Publishers.

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