Consuming Christianity

There is a new threat to Christianity that is far more dangerous than anything we have seen before. It is far more dangerous than the universalism of Rob Bell. This threat is more influential than any atheist campaign. This threat has the power to render the church completely and utterly useless. What is this grievous threat you may ask? Chocolate Crosses.

Laugh all you want, chocolate crosses are the very problem of modern day Christianity. Sure they are just as likely to give you cavities as their bunny counter parts and are just as likely to make you have the wondrous sugar high with the debilitating sugar crash, but the danger of these confectionary relics has nothing to do with what they are made of. The great danger of Chocolate crosses is what we’ve made of them.

The chocolate cross is a symbol of what we have made Christianity into. Many Christians react to the secular consumerism of religious holidays. To us, Santa is a misspelling of Satan, and the ears of the Easter bunny are secretly the horns of Beelzebub. How do we react to this consumerism? We consume religious stuff. As Christians, we consume more around our holidays than kids from their Easter baskets. What do we consume — religious services and programs. We celebrate cantatas, special services, reenactments and celebrations. We all have our chocolate crosses.

Is it wrong to participate in these religious activities? Certainly not. The call of Christians though is not to consume. Do we really make an impact for the Great Commission when we attend 5 services in a week as opposed to just 3? As believers our call is not to consume the cross but to participate in it. Jesus said “If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me. “ He did not say “if anyone would come after me, let him schedule his time so that he attend church more often.” His call was not to consume, but to participate.

Cross participation leads us to live out the redemption of Christ, not just simply to dwell on it. When we consume Christianity, we feel more religious and closer to Christ. Consumer Christianity does not draw you closer to Christ, it draws you closer to products you enjoy. When you live out the cross of Christ, you live in a relationship with him.

As we celebrate Easter this year, are you simply a consumer or are you a participant?

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