Abiding in Christ, Our Safe Place

Last night tornados came tearing though our state and region. They left behind a trail of destruction and despair. Men and women moved to their safe place only to realize that they weren’t as safe as they thought. We mourn with those who lost life, property, and home.

I remember looking out the window, seeing a wall cloud begin to form above our city and grow in intensity and size. Oklahoma is always windy, but seeing these monster clouds, you can’t help but have respect for the storm coming. I had heard the reports of what was coming and knew that our state was expecting dozens of tornados over the course of a few hours. As a family, we have a plan for a tornado — go into a bath tub, cover ourselves with our children’s mattresses, and pray. This time felt different, though. I knew that our safe place was not as safe as I wanted. So I picked up our phone, called a church member who had an underground shelter, and secured a reservation in their safe place if things got bad. We were fortunate. As the wall clouds built, they passed without trouble. Others in Oklahoma were not as fortunate.

What I learned when watching the reds and purples on the television screen was the need for a true secure place. Over and over again men and women have emerged from their safe spots to find that the world around them was destroyed. Had they been standing in their front yard or sitting in their car, their safety might not have been so sure.

This Sunday morning, we are going to look at a simple passage in scripture. Jesus teaches that He is the vine and we are the branches. Our life, our security, and our home is found in Him. Separated from Him, we find death and destruction.

I think every man has a makeshift safe place, but when real storm comes, it is shown for its strength. We build these safe places through virtue, works, church attendance, and many other things. Sadly they are just not that secure.

There is only one true safe place… abiding in Christ. There is nothing in this world that can shake Christ, nothing in this world that can move Him. In Him is life and safety and hope.

Where is your safe place? Where is your hope?

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