The Dublin 10-2-4k

For the past three months my wife and I have dedicated ourselves to running our legs off. We started running for a 5k, with the plan to run a marathon in January. Today my wife and I completed our first 10k race against diehard runners. Here are a few thoughts from the race.

1. Random acts of kindness are always appreciated. We had a man rig his sprinkler to mist runners as they passed by. Thank you, sir.

2. Just because you start quick does not mean you finish first. Out of the gate there were many who elbowed for position. Many of those fighting for the best start were walking mid course. Running is all about finishing, not starting.

3. Encouragement is loved. Throughout the course we had Dublinites cheer for us. It kept us going. At the end of the route with about two tenths of a mile left I saw my daughter, Emma, cheering. It gave Jenn and I the gumption to continue.

4. Our race was not won today. I did not just decide to go out and run 6 miles today. This race was run every morning that I laced up my running shoes and ran 1 mile, 3 miles, 5 miles. As with all of life, a commitment to practice pays off.

5. The race did not end today. Monday morning I am going to wake up, lace up my shoes, and hit the pavement.

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