The Gospel According to Toby Keith

A few years back country music artist Toby Keith wrote a song that completely captured the modern human spirit. “I like talkin about you you you you usually, but occasionally I wana talk about ME!” Whether you like it or not, our lives are driven by a passion and goal of making much of that beautiful person in the mirror. We dress so that others know exactly who we are. We share conversation about the things that please us the most, and grow bored in conversation that does not. For the average person, life is about making as much of yourself as possible.

Sadly the place where this love of self is most prevalent is often the church. In church we attempt to show everyone around us how righteous we are. In church our worship has turned from an adoration of God to and adoration of the style that pleases our ears the most. It seems that in churches today most every decision is made by what would be pleasing to us men.

This is just not the way church and life were supposed to be done. In Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount He says “Beware of practicing your righteousness before other people in order to be seen by them, for then you will have no reward from your Father who is in heaven.” Church should not be a place where we go to show off how righteous we are, instead it should be a place where we show how broken we are and how righteous Christ is. It should not be a place where we adore a style that pleases our ears, but instead where we adore a savior who died for our sins. The church should never be a place where we make much of ourselves, instead it should be a place where we get to show off how incapable and fallen we are as men, and how great our God is who redeemed us and changed us to be like Him.

You you you may wana talk about you, but I want to talk about Him.

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