Would You Give the Baseball Back?

A few days ago, Derek Jeter, Captain Clutch, reached a milestone in his career that placed him in the company of baseball greatness. 3000 hits (2999 more than my total). It was truly a sight to be seen. Jeter did more than hit one into the hole in center, he knocked it into the grand stands. It was the capstone of a clutch career.

Waiting on the first row of the bleachers was Christian Lopez. Lopez caught what would be a hand stitched baseball that in an instant became a six figure payday. Congrats. By pure chance this Yankee fan caught an expensive piece of baseball history. Lopez, though, was not looking for a payday. He was not looking to cash in on this hand stitched treasure. His first reaction was to give the ball to the man who would cherish it the most, Derek Jeter. Lopez did not try to bargain with Jeter or sell him the ball. His only request was to meet the Capitan of the Yanks. For Lopez, a true Yankee fan, his treasure was in meeting Jeter, not cashing in on him.

As I pondered the reward this man sought, the scripture came to my mind, “Where your treasure is, there your heart is also.” To a true Yankees fan, meeting the ultimate Yankee is a much bigger deal than making money off of him.

This Sunday we will begin a new series on the great prayer Jesus prayed for his disciples in John 17. This prayer begins very simply — that His disciple might find everlasting life in Him. What I found interesting in this study is Jesus’ definition of that life. “3 And this is eternal life, that they know you the only true God,”. Jesus makes the simple point that eternal life is found in knowing God.

How often do we look at the work of Christ and see the six figure payday attached to it? We think of heaven in terms of the lack of suffering, or dream of the mansion that we would inherit. When we think of heaven we think of great reunions with family or golden streets. Often what we miss when we think of heaven is the center of what heaven is all about: knowing God.

If I were to challenge you this week it would be this — would you trade the family reunions, the golden streets, and the relief from suffering for an opportunity to know the one true and living God? For where your treasure is, so your heart is as well.

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