Bloging About Blogs

Today as I cleaned up my blog reader after a busy summer, I read over a great number of blogs that challenged me, encouraged me or made me think. Because of this, I think I would like to start posting some of my favorite blog posts weekly or biweekly. In my own study I try to read bloggers from all points of a spectrum. If I studied only what left me comfortable, I would never be stretched.– In this blog post, Dr. Reid looks at the struggle all Christians have in settling into a Christianized life.– This post is about a church plant in a theater. As I read this post, I thought about my friend Brian Bowman as he has been sent out to plant Valley Life Church in Phoenix Az. I am proud that our association and our church have partnered with Brian to put a church where there is none.– Bobby Jamieson has just written a new book “Am I Really a Christian” discussing the topic of nominal Christianity. He has a video on the blog discussing the topic. I am interested in picking up the book and seeing what it says.– This blog serves as a great reminder that everything we do is to please God.

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