Is Jesus the Dirt You Sweep Under the Rug?

Last week in church we started a new series: “Who Killed Jesus?”. It is my hope through this series that we see ourselves in each character. In Judas we see how we have betrayed Jesus in our sin. In Annas we see how God took our place in judgment. In Peter we see how we deny Christ by seeking after our own comforts and safety.

This Sunday night we see Pilate. As I have studied I have been particularly intrigued by this story. Pilate knew that Jesus was innocent. He knew that the Jews were simply looking for him to use his power to rid them of their annoyance. In this story, Pilate states one of the most interesting lines in all of scripture. Given the evidence of Jesus’ innocence and possibility of a Jewish riot, he marginalizes justice to preserve his power and place. He proclaims “What is truth?”. In this he condemns Jesus for his comfort.

I wonder how often we marginalize Jesus for the same reasons. We cower in our knowledge sweeping the truth of the gospel under the rug hoping that we will not lose our comfort and place over it. The truth of the gospel never changes; the offensiveness of God’s truth never fades. All of that said, we must never deny the perfection of Jesus for our comfort.

I don’t think we have the problem of denying Christ. Our problem is not rejecting Him. What I see is that we marginalize or omit him. As we spend time with our lost family members, he just is not a topic to be discussed… it would make family conversation to weird. As we go to work we leave Christ at the door. Our problem is not that of Peter who openly claimed not to know Christ. It is that of Pilate who washed his hands of him so as not to deal with him. The question is simple… is Christ the dirt you sweep under the rug when you are around unchurched friends, or is he your glory and pride?

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