My Answer for "The U"

The world of sports seldom shocks me. I know that what we see on TV of athletes has been cleaned up by spinster after spinster. That said, I was shocked by the stories and practices of the University of Miami that as I read about them in Yahoo this past week. From parties and strippers to abortions, the underworld of collegiate football floored me. The story breaks down like this. A booster of the University of Miami sought to sweeten the pot for several key players by giving them gifts, bringing them to parties and in some cases finding them prostitutes. My pessimism thinks that this is not an isolated incident. I don’t think that this is the only university or booster involved in these shady practices. I think this is simply a case where you pick a rock up and see the cockroaches underneath.

As a pastor I care little about the mess that this booster and these athletes have made. I care little about the NCAA infractions broken. What intrigues me is what would cause a “grown up” man to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on these collegiate athletes indulging their fantasies.

This is what I have come up with: We are all wired to worship the true and living God. In sin we deny this fulfillment and go search out pseudo gods that will give us a quick fix. We chase after food, video games, jobs, porn, etc. The problem with these pseudo gods is that they don’t fill us up. What happens next is that we begin looking for the next step in our lust. If a common meal doesn’t fill us we move to the buffet. If video games don’t fix our fantasies we go and begin acting out what we had previously done with a joy stick (which can be seen throughout our country today). With this booster it was simple; the college life was his God. He yearned for it to such a degree that he paid whatever price was necessary to hold on to it. When the fix wasn’t enough he dove deeper.

The problem with pseudo gods is that they will never fulfill. You dive deeper and deeper chasing after them and eventually you hit rock bottom realizing how empty both they and you are. This booster when left at his rock bottom saw how empty his life and gods were and so he exposed them.

The answer to pseudo gods is one of two, when you realize how empty they are you either find different pseudo gods to chase after or you go to the true God who forgives your idolatry and brings you true fulfillment. Most likely if you are reading the blog of a pastor you are not dealing with the same struggles and desires as the players of “The U”. That doesn’t mean you don’t have these false gods in your life. My call for you is simple, find the pseudo gods in your life, turn away from them to the true God who alone can fulfill.

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