A Blog About Numbers

As I write wesfaulk.com, my heart and desire is to put together a blog that shares deep Christian ideas in ways that any person can understand. I keep track of statistics to understand what topics are most relevant to my audience, where my blog is being viewed, and of who my audience is. Yesterday I looked back at a general view of my blog since starting it. I thought I would share with you a small bit of what I have found.
Here are my statistics:
This blog has been viewed from 104 different countries including 47 in the 10/40 window, the most unreached area in the world for Jesus.
The United States is by far the primary country in viewing my blog with 87% of my hits.
My top 5 states are Oklahoma, Texas, California, New York, and Georgia.
My bottom 5 states are Maine, South Dakota, North Dakota, Montana, and Alaska.
The Average person spends 1 minute and 22 seconds on the site and views 1 ½ pages.
52% of all visits to wesfaulk.com are first time visits.
76% of visitors on this site are from Windows computers (the highest) and .03% on this site are from the Nintendo Wii platform (the lowest).
16% of visitors come directly, 16% come through Facebook and 14% come from a Google search.
My highest viewed post is Healthcare, School Bonds and Calvinists
Blogs that touch on political ideas have 4x more hits than blogs that speak to Christian ideas alone.
 So, after looking at my stats, what would you take from this?

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