What do you see?

Recently my daughter has moved from recognizing letters to reading words. She has been working for months through stage one reading books, but I did not notice her brilliance until a few days ago when we were in the car. Ana’s has a new habit where she reads EVERY sign on the road. Every trip to the grocery store, gas station and church is filled with the play by play commentary of Ana announcing the companies and advertisements that we pass. For her it is a momentous experience as whole new world has been opened to her. Where my eyes have begun to churn the signage into white noise, Ana’s are popping with each new word.
Yesterday in my devotion I read the first few chapters of the book of Revelation. At the beginning of the book John exhorts 7 churches to fix their specific needs. The specific call I noticed was for a church that had begun to treat Christianity in a business as usual type of way.  His call was simple, return to your first love. 

I think we all get to a point in our faith when Jesus is no longer eye popping. Sadly we take the world changing gospel and churn it into white noise. The call for each one of us is simple, we must return to our first love and become childlike in our faith and rediscover the wonder of a Jesus Christ. As you read scripture, go to church and think about Jesus, are you even slightest bit excited or is it just white noise.

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