2012 Resolutions

Ok so here we go… my new year resolutions.
1. To go beyond just reading my bible.

I have noticed in my life how easily I can let devotion fall into pattern. I wake up, run, then read. There is nothing wrong in having a pattern in life as long as the pattern does not become mundane. It’s my prayer and hope this 2012 to do more than just check off boxes but instead read the word of God as it is the very bread of life.

2. To invest spiritually in my children.

It is really easy to come home from a long day of work, settle into my favorite recliner and relax until bedtime. As a pastor work is hard and emotionally draining. I have the privilege of investing spiritually into the lives of my people every day. That said, the most important people I need to invest in are waiting at home for me after work. I must begin to invest in my kids.

3. To become the pastor of Memorial Baptist Church.

Wait, you say, aren’t you already the pastor of MBC? Technically, yes. In actuality, no. A pastor is not made in a business meeting, he is made in a hospital room. It is my hope this 2012 to love the people of MBC and be with them both in their good times and their tough times.

4. To continue to blog weekly.

I did pretty well last year. I want to continue to grow in my ability to write and communicate about the things of God.

5. To run a marathon.

Hopefully by this time next week I’ll have accomplished this.

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