Is the Traditional Church Dead?

 Do you remember the song “Jesus Loves the Little Children”. I remember singing it every Sunday growing up. “Red and yellow, black and white they are precious in his sight.(wait that’s the old non pc version) Every color, every race, all are covered by his grace.  Jesus loves the little children of the world.
I love the church. As Jesus’ love extends to all men, every color, age, and demographic, the church should be a picture of that that love. Here is the struggle; God has created every person different.  A senior adult will worship and “do church” far different than a young family with kids. Most churches divide along racial lines, economic lines and age lines. There was a day where most churches were vanilla and style played miniscule role. That day is gone. Today the divide between people in churches is growing larger and larger. You can go to a church just for cowboys or motorcyclists. It seems the new church is defined more by common interests than anything else.
I am the pastor of a “traditional church”. I have a heart that we would not be a church that is defined by our worship style, racial makeup or hobbies. As the divide in churches grows greater and greater how can a traditional church still function? Here is my answer, the gospel must be at our center.  The church should be a picture of heaven on earth. Heaven is not defined by any one race. It is not defined by any one social class of people. Heaven does not care about hobbies. In heaven every tongue and tribe of people will be gathering around God’s throne celebrating the great act of God’s redemption.  What if church could do that? What if we found our unity in God’s gospel and not in our silly wants and desires?
This Sunday as you walk into church ask yourself one simple question… Am I here to celebrate what I want or am I here to celebrate what God has done?

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