10 Signs You Are Worshiping Yourself at Church

10. You spend more time putting on your face and fixing your hair before church than preparing your heart.

9. You care more about the beat of the music than the words of the music.

8. You do your best to present yourself flawless. You believe Christians should already have their act together.

7.  You are thinking at this moment how this sermon impacts that person 3 seats in front of you.

6. You don’t believe you got your monies worth if you don’t leave happy.

5. You don’t think the worship measures up to your standards.

4. You care more about the time the sermon ends than you do the content within it.

3.  You are offended right now.

2. You can tell me all the faults of the church and how you would fix them today.

1. You believe you, your Sunday school class or your committee is the reason this church is here today.

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