Bad Chinese Food

Would you eat at a restaurant where a waiter told you he didn’t like the food? I did. Yesterday while out and about running errands with my beautiful wife we decided to try a Chinese restaurant in our area. We had driven past it at least a dozen times always commenting that it was some place that we wanted to try. Yesterday was that day. We walked in, smelled the aroma of Chinese food cooking and waited for our opportunity to taste what we could already smell. We got our menus, ordered our drinks and then came the moment what I will never forget. It’s generally my custom in any new establishment to ask the waiter what they would order. Why? I want to get by all of the generic food to get to what the kitchen cooks best. So yesterday I simply asked “What do you eat here?” The response of the waiter made me want to laugh and run all at the same time. He said “I don’t eat anything that is on this menu.” Quickly I asked if they had a menu for the Asian customers hoping that they had a secret menu full of better tasting food. He simply reiterated his first point, “I don’t eat here.” Well dang. We ordered, ate and left. The food wasn’t bad, it wasn’t good… it was all tainted by the lackluster response of a waiter who didn’t care for the food he was selling.

 This waiter showed me a simple lesson, if you don’t believe in what you sell, you won’t do a good job selling it. Is this true in church? Certainly. How often do we go to advance the gospel of Christ and are rebuffed because deep down people doubt whether we believe in it? How often do we invite friends to church never believing that church will matter to them? We invite/share Christ simply because we know we are supposed to. For most of us church is a job or a chore and not a passion.

 I don’t want to sell a product I don’t believe in. I guess before you can ask a stranger to buy anything you have to “buy” it yourself. With your church, with your faith, do you “buy” it? The worst kind of service is a service that doesn’t believe in the product its selling.

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