When I Grow Up I Don’t Want to be Jan Crouch

There are a few things that I don’t want to preach about. I have always considered myself a man who will stand behind the word of God and tell my congregation exactly what it says. That said I have never looked forward to preaching about money. Deep down I know why.  I have been in churches where finances are tight and the preacher has used a guilt trip to try get the offerings up. I have heard preachers who have promised the moon if you just give. I guess deep down INEVER want to be a televangelist trying to raid the coin purses of senior adults.

Ok, therapy over. This week I am talking about giving in church. What? Is Memorial Baptist in financial straits? Nope. Have I gotten a bouffant and purchased a three piece suit? Have I gotten a gig on TBN and will soon replace the pink haired lady? Oh gosh I hope not.

I have always been a believer that when the church as an organization is faithful in ministry then its membership will want to give to something that matters.  Paul in Philippians communicates the same idea. He says that he does not desire people’s finances but instead he desires the ministry that their money produces.

Churches don’t exist to make money. We don’t exist to meet budget or to make big names for ourselves. Churches exist to further God’s call by doing ministry. Every dollar that is given should be given with the intent and used for the fulfillment of God’s great call. Every dollar used should be used to bring men and women to know Jesus.

Since we have talked about televangelists here is Benny Hinn, dark lord of the sith.

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