I Have a Data Limit

Help! I’ve lost my voice. If you find it please contact me immediately, I need it.
This weekend I spent a good amount of time outside at a church social out in the middle of nowhere. To tell you the truth my lungs have grown used to the good clean air produced by the oil plants here in “stink-a-dena”.  That said a day spent in the country was a SHOCK to my system. My allergies were inflamed.  I choked through a sermon Sunday and woke up to no voice on Monday.
It’s surprising what you learn about the world when you are not flapping your gums. I have listened more, and have heard more in the past day and a half than I have in a while. At dinner last night I listened as my children entertained me with stories of their adventures. For the first time in a while I listened to my wife without trying to figure out how to insert myself into the conversation.
Ok.. Enough of my confessions.
What I have realized in the past two days is that without my voice, my words are numbered. I only have a certain number of scratchy words that I can put out. In this I have only used my voice to say things that matter and saved it on things that don’t. Funny enough, I guess you could say that I have a data limit.
What if we all had a data limit on what we could say? What if we had a hard and fast limit on the words that came out of our mouths? Would it change what we said? Would we measure our words for their significance?
This Sunday we are going to start a series on the first chapter of the book of John. In the first verse of the book, John uses very few words to make a very big point. He says “In the beginning was the Word (Jesus), the Word (Jesus) was with God, the Word  (Jesus) was God.”
The foundation of what I believe is summed up in those 15 words. Before the world existed, Jesus was there. Jesus was with God when they created the world. How was Jesus with God? Jesus is God. John is direct to the point. He didn’t waste words. He simply stated the simple and profound truth of Jesus Christ.
Hopefully I will get my voice back soon. I wonder what I am going to talk about when I can talk again. I’m sure I will waste words about the NBA playoffs, facebook and random stories I see online. I hope though that I will have learned in this 2 day respite to weigh my words and make what I say really count.  

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