A Disciplined Life

I would consider myself somewhat of a disciplined person. Every morning I wake up before 5:00, I train 4 mornings out of 7 for my marathon, I read God’s word systematically and I spend time in prayer.

Being very ADD I have found that routine is what keeps me focused. When I break my routine I get distracted and any intention in my heart is lost to whatever distracts me. Sunday through Thursdays are wonderful days for me. My morning routine is easy simply because they are work days. Friday and Saturday are a whole different animal. These are my days off (though I end up bringing my work home with me most weekends). On my weekend my time in the word and time in prayer is often lost because my routine is broken.

I want to thirst and hunger after God. On the days that I wake up and study God’s wonderful word and spend time in prayer I am filled and focused on God and his wonderful presence. On the days where I let my ADD get the best of me sadly I simply forget and remember as I lay down for bed in the guilt of a day spent without Jesus.

The highlight of the catalyst conference so far was John Maxwell. When I have read his books in the past I have always pictured him as a slick business man. He is anything but that. He is an authentic, gentle, grace filled man whose aim in life is to invest in others.

Maxwell’s session was like trying to drink from a fire hydrant. There are going to be MANY blogs that come from what he taught. What I woke up thinking about this morning though, was what he called the rule of 5. Everyday he gets up and does five thing to grow himself as a person. Now I know our growth comes from God, but we must practice disciplines (Paul talked about it in terms training for a race) ultimately knowing that God often works through them so that we might know Him and be better equipped to serve Him.

I’ve decided to put together a beta list for my 5 disciplines. 1. Read 2. Write 3. Pray 4. Invest in someone. 5. Reflect. I know that this list will likely change, but for now I am committing to practice these 5 disciplines daily so that God might Grow me to know Him and use me for His kingdom.

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