Want to be a hip pastor? 10 easy steps

So catalyst Dallas is the hippest conference I have ever been to. In this I have realized how unhip I actually am. In honor of this, I have decided to put together a top 10 list of what it takes to be a hip pastor.


10. Your shirt must be at least 1 size to small and untucked.


9. You have to have gone at least 2 days without shaving.


8. You wear jeans whose back pockets are styled/ bedazzled.


7. It helps if your jeans are “skinny jeans” even if you are not.


6. Your faux hawk must be faux real.


5. Your other option for hair is a cut indistinguishable from a girls.


4. You must have some angst about the religious establishment.


3. You wear a fedora and sunglasses just to look cool.


2. You must own and flaunt something built by apple.


1. If all else fails you can wear a V-neck undershirt.



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