It’s OK to be a Mom!

It’s inevitable. Jennifer and I will be sitting with friends talking about our kids and the question always comes up. “So when Emma starts school, what are you going to do?” I can see the guilt and angst it puts in my wife’s heart. This unintentional insult strips my wife’s passion and job of any legitimacy. This question makes the assumption that being a wife and a mother is not enough. It makes the assumption that a woman can only have value in the workforce.

I have to tell you how proud I am that my wife values her job as a mom. Life is full of second chances. You can mess up at work and go on to succeed elsewhere. You can mess up with friends and make it up. One of the few things that you only get one shot at is raising your kids.

I want to brag on my wife for a second. Jennifer holds both a bachelors degree and a masters degree. Many people have wondered and asked her why she got those degrees if she was JUST going to use them as a mere mom. If we believe as the phrase states that “children are our future”, then why do we discount women who see their calling as their families.

As we celebrate Mothers Day today, will you ask yourself if you really value moms? Do you really think that their work is so significant that it can actually hold its own as a valid job. Here’s to you Jennifer Faulk, thank you for holding the most important job in the world. Happy Mothers Day.

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