Leadership Is Not About the Leader

I am enthralled with leadership. Its need is seen everywhere we look. Think about it, when you turn on the tv to watch you favorite team, what separates the best from the worst? With salary caps and drafts built to equalize, most teams have around the same amount of talent. Occasionally a great talent appears, but the truth is even in sports great talent can not be a substitute for great leadership.

Leadership is what takes talent and turns it into productivity. In church, God has given it all the gifts and abilities it needs to succeed. That said, God has equipped men in the church with leadership to take its talent and turn it into productivity.

Most pastors see the need for leadership, few are born with its abilities. Leadership is often a learned practice not a natural gift. For most of us we ask “what must I add to myself to be a great leader?” We want to know what tools or knowledge we must have to be great leaders.

Last week at Catalyst I heard one of the greatest concepts of leadership I have ever heard. John Maxwell (have I mentioned I really love his stuff) communicated that what makes great leaders is not what they add to themselves, but instead what they add to others. Instead of absorbing they are constantly emptying. Maxwell said that it is his goal to add value in one person every day.

At Memorial Baptist we have unofficially adopted a phrase around our church, “Its not about me”. Ultimately leadership is not about me. Leadership is the sacrifice of oneself to make another person better. For me this idea turns everything I have learned about leadership on its head. Leadership is not about what I gain, but instead its about what I give.

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