Communication Matters

Failure to communicate leads to a failure of success. I experienced and lived this idea this past Sunday. No matter how how great the plans, how noble the idea, if they are not communicated then they will fall flat.

Our staff and deacons had been planning for a month a breakfast to bless the ladies of our church on mother’s day. We had ironed out the details. We had plans for kids, adults and even the men. We were ready. Then people began to show up. One by one people filed in surprised that we were having a breakfast and not our regular Sunday School. Some of our precious children’s workers came in with food and crafts prepared for the day. Some of our Sunday School leaders came in with gifts for their classes. I realized quickly that one big detail was missed in the preparation…

No one, me, communicated what was happening to the whole church. Oops! Most people knew, the grapevine works well, but in general a good number of people came to church this past weekend confused or clueless to the plan.

This past Sunday I realized a great truth about leadership, if plans and ideas are not communicated, then they will fall all apart. Overall, even with the confusion, most people were pleasantly surprised by the breakfast (even the ones who ate before they got to church). In the grand scheme of things it was just a breakfast. That said it was also a chance to learn. Communication matters.

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