Wes "The Gentle Monster" Faulk

Allow me to introduce myself, I am Wes “the gentle monster” Faulk. Or so I have been told.

This past week I was sitting down with a group of men from my church after our morning bible study when one of the men decided to give me my newest monicker. He said “Wes , do you know what you are? You are a gentle monster.” He meant it completely as a compliment, though I was completely taken back by it when he said it. For me when I think of monsters I don’t tend to think about pastors, and I certainly don’t think about Jesus. When I think about monsters of men names like Hitler and Mussolini come to my mind.

I think my friend saw the shock in my face so he quickly defined what he was thinking. He said “you know, you walk all over us when you preach, but you do it in such a gentle way.”

I have got to tell you, I have been thinking and pondering the monstrous compliment for a few days now. I think I get it. When we all come before God’s word we should expect that it should destroy our comfortable ruts. God’s word should shake our world as we know it. God’s word should cut us down to our very core.

All of that said, God’s desire is not to just uproot our world, but instead it is to replace our ruts with His world. God’s desire is to do HUGE things, but his work is done in love and gentleness.

I love that God calls himself a Lion. A lion is the perfect example of gentleness. It has the power to rip the flesh right off of an animal, but has the control so that it is not tearing apart the world around it.

God has all power. He has put His Spirit in us to do World shifting things. The question we must ask is whether we are going to allow God’s power to be used in us and allow His control to be over us.

You know, if I was a monster I would want at least 10 eyes.

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