Homosexuality and the Bible

It’s old news by now, but about two weeks ago our President came out in full support of gay marriage. I have been shocked by the conversation this has caused. It’s expected that the talking heads on the cable networks have used this to further their political propaganda. It’s expected that both moral watch dogs and the liberal left have jumped on this as we are in a political race. What has surprised me has been the number of friends and church members who have approached me with questions about this culturally hot topic. 
Over the next week I am going to build my response to this very sensitive subject. Many in the Christian world have come out guns blazing ready to fight in a political scrum. It is my hope that my response is not political or emotional but instead biblical and compassionate.
You might ask, where is your authority in building a response like this? Didn’t Jesus say, “he who is without sin may cast the first stone”? In this you are completely right. I am a sinner, and my only hope is the grace of Jesus Christ. I cannot claim to live any better life than anyone else. My hope and my trust is in Jesus alone. Saying this, my authority in my response can only be God’s word. I cannot stand on my works, my intellect, or my morals because they are all tainted by the sin in my life. All I have is the Bible.
I do know many friends, some of whom are seminary graduates, who stand on the side of homosexual marriage. I have great difficulty in understanding how a person can support something that the Bible calls sin (Romans 1:24-27, Leviticus 18:22). For me, every word in the Bible is true. If we come to the Bible and say that one thing or another is not true when it becomes culturally obsolete, how can we trust anything the Bible says? If the word of God is not reliable about those things, how can we consider it reliable on the big things like salvation?  God’s word implicitly states that it is true. If God would claim truth in his word yet have untruths in it, how could we trust that he is telling us the truth about eternity?
For Christians, we have only one choice, either God’s word is completely true or it is completely false. There is no middle ground. If the Bible is true, if God is real and actually cares about the world today, then He and his word dictate what is right, not the swings of our culture.
I guess if I summarized my thoughts for the day they would be that you cannot hold a consistent intelligent stance supporting both Homosexuality and Scripture. You must make a choice which one is false. When you decide that homosexuality is a valid God blessed lifestyle, you deny scripture and call God a liar. 


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