Homosexuality and the Church

I believe that in recent days the church has completely whiffed in its response to the question of homosexuality. Sadly in recent days we as churches have been plugged in more politically than we have spiritually. When the struggles of homosexuality grew in our nation we as churches reacted by fighting an issue and not ministering to a group of people.
We as Christians have had a nasty habit throughout our history. Over and over we have forgotten that God is our goodness and believed that our goodness lies in how we live. When we are the primary producer of our goodness we get caught up with trying to impose our morals on others, thinking that if we force (whether through legislation, picket lines, or guilt driven speech) our morals on others then God might save them and bless us. Here is where we missed it — morals don’t save people. Ultimately we forgot that even with the best of morals, we as human beings are not good (Romans 3:10-18). Only God is good; only God can make us good.
The church’s response to the growing homosexual community was picket lines, politics, and judgment. If the church responded to gossip the way it responded to homosexuality then the church would be an empty building. If the church responded to gluttony the way it responded to homosexuality then there would be no Baptist church. Are gossip and gluttony wrong? Absolutely. Jesus died for glutton, gossip, and homosexual.
Now we must certainly not minimize sin. Jesus died so that we would be free from sin.  What we as churches do is make the sins that we don’t struggle with greater while minimizing the ones we do struggle with.
I guess the question we must ask is how would Jesus treat a person struggling with homosexuality? In this we look at the woman caught in adultery, the woman Jesus met at the  well, and Zacchaeus. All three of these people were cast offs of a moralistically brutal society. Jesus loved them, brought them to faith and in bringing them to faith they saw how a relationship with Jesus was far better than the sin they had found their home in.
God loves homosexuals. He loves gossips. He loves gluttons. His desire is that every person might be free from the sins they once called home to live the abundant life in Him that is built on grace.

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