Homosexuality and Marriage

I had a friend ask me what would happen in homosexual marriage was legalized. He wondered if it would cheapen marriage itself. My answer to him shocked him. I said no. My reasoning is that the marriage ceremony belongs to the church and not to the state.
Why? What is greater a law given by God or a law given by man? If a nation of men comes and passes legislation contrary to the laws of God would that change God’s laws? If our government outlawed gravity, would it cease to exist? If the government stated that Christianity was illegal would I cease to be a Christian?
Perhaps the greatest problem we have is that we have found our definition of marriage in what the government legislates.  From my perspective, a marriage is made genuine and real when both parties enter into covenant before God, not by signing a contract with the state. The state side of marriage is for legal and tax purposes.
I believe before the church cries foul about the nature of marriage at the federal level we must look inwardly at the congregational level. We must ask ourselves the hard questions first before we can ask our government. Have we as churches contributed to the cheapening of marriage? Have we done all we can to show the glory of God in the perfect relationship He created?  Sadly, the church has worse stats on marriage than the state. Before we can claim any high ground on marriage we must be able to live it by example.
So the question remains, what will happen if homosexual marriage is legalized nationally? The simplest answer is that I would encourage all people I marry to give to Caesar what is Caesars and give to God what is God’s.
The church cannot surrender its definition of marriage. No true minister can lead two people into a covenant with God which God would not bless. What the state does is secondary to what the church does. It is within our own church bodies that we must protect and live out God’s intent for marriage. 

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