Homosexuality, Born That Way?

We live in a day where experience is the trump card of any argument. “God can’t say this is wrong, I was born this way.”  Today we ask the question, are people born homosexual and straight?
As experience is king, I will speak from mine. I come from a family full of alcoholics. Truth is, I am in America because one of my ancestors, drunk off his rear, killed a man by throwing him out a bar window in Germany. If the case could be made that we justify sin by saying “I was born this way”, then I could make the case that I was created to be an alcoholic. Suppose I decided on night to get  drunk and then drive around town.  I could tell a police officer that my DUI should be excused because I was born this way so my alcoholism is rationalized. There would be no court in the world that would take “I was born this way” as a viable defense.
My parents knew the dangers in my family line of alcohol. They taught me early how dangerous it would be to me and how quickly addicted I would be to it. I don’t drink because I know drunkenness is a sin I would constantly struggle with.
God created men. He created the way the world works and the rules that govern it. Then men sinned and since that day sin has ruled the world. Every person has a sin in their lives that they are constantly drawn to. Food, money, sex, pride, gluttony, homosexuality, gossip, porn, drunkenness… the list could go on and on. There are certain sins that most every person alive would laugh at when the defense of “I was born this way” came up. If a murderer claimed “I was born angry” after killing, if a thief claimed “I was born lustful” after stealing, If a child molester claimed “I was born this way” after abusing a child or if a drunk claimed “I was born to love alcohol” after killing a family on the road then we would as society reject their claim because their actions are contrary to what is right.
I guess what I am trying to communicate is that every person will struggle with sin. Just because you struggle with it does not mean that it is right before God. It is not God who is tempting you, it is the casualty of living in a world ruled by sin.
There is good news. It is not God’s heart that we remain in our sins. God does not want me to be controlled by any sin. He died on the cross to set me free from the sin which I find my value in.
Every person has a choice, to follow God and be free from the sins they hold dear or to choose their sins and reject God. Will some people always struggle with the temptations sin places before them in homosexuality? Yes. God’s heart is that He might fill the emptiness that that sin produces.
That said what about the people who choose to accept the sin and fall into its lifestyle? At that moment they reject God and choose sin over a maker who can fill them. 
In this world you can either follow God, desiring what he intends, or you follow and trust sin desiring what it lays before you.
Where is your trust?

One Comment

  1. Anonymous

    Revelry thing you mentioned, driving drink, stealing, etc all potentially cause physical, psychological harm or even death. Homosexuality does not. The couples I know are living and caring people who often take in the unwanted children of people who call themselves Christians. I hope some day you have the privalage to have a gay person in your life. They are great people!
    Also not all homosexuals are Christians and the ones who are choose different parts of the bible to live by just as you have chosen the parts of the bible you want to live by, don't try to tell me you base your life in everything in the bible, cause you don't, you pick and choose the parts that promote hatred and bigotry. Have fun explaining yourself in 10 years when gays are an even more accepted population.


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