Homosexuality and Bullying

There is no crime greater in our modern society than bullying.  So have I crossed a line by sharing what scripture says about the struggles of sin and homosexuality? Is scripture a bully against man and his desire to live whatever life he desires? Is God a bully who wishes to crush the happiness of man?
It is my prayer that throughout these posts that I have communicated biblically and gracefully about what the bible says is true and right.
God’s will for man is not for man to be miserable, but instead to live abundantly. Man can only live abundantly when he is living out God’s intent and plan. Every perversion of God’s plan is a cheap substitute for what he can experience.
I shared scripture’s view of homosexuality, not to beat up on anyone, but instead because the stakes are so high. We as men only get one shot at this life. Who we trust in this life determines our place in eternity. To miss God in this life means to miss him in eternity.  God’s  heart and desire is for all men to trust Him and follow Him. Choosing any sin over God means making an eternal mistake.
If you struggle with homosexuality, I do not hate you, nor does God. God wants you to turn from what won’t fill you to what will, Him.
For my brothers and sisters in church, it’s time to stop the culture wars. No person will be won to Jesus by an angry argument. For us, our job is to show the love of God to people who do not know Him. In this we cannot magnify other’s sins while minimizing our own.  We must be honest that we all sin and need a savior. 

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