The Sin Of The Serpent

My wife is far smarter than I am. Last night we were reflecting back on the hardest set of blog posts I have ever written (the ones which outlined a truthful and gracious stance on homosexuality). Neither of us were surprised by the response given to them. Jenn hates when I step into territory that is controversial. She doesn’t like to see people take shots at me or what I believe. Deep down we both know though that whenever you standup for anything you make yourself a target. As Christians we know that faithfulness to the gospel will lead to persecution.

As we were talking about the amount of doubt and suspicion people now read into the text of the Bible, Jennifer made a statement that brought everything into clarity for me. She said “Didn’t the serpent in the garden of eden ask the same question that people on your Facebook are asking? Didn’t he ask Eve ‘did God really say that’?”

It hit me, we are living in a day where people figure out what they want to believe and then go to scripture and ask “Did God really say that?”. We desire our sin so much that we automatically cast suspicion on scripture diluting it to fit who we are.

Not only is this dangerous to do to scripture, it is dangerous to our souls. When we choose to ask the question of the serpent we are telling God that we are wiser than Him. When we ask the question of the serpent we are practicing idolatry, replacing the one true God with ourselves.

We do not define scripture. Scripture defines us. Whether it is comfortable or not, if we genuinely believe that God is real, if we believe that His word is true, if we believe that He alone holds the keys to heaven and hell, then we must accept that His word guides us no matter how comfortable that leaves us or how contrary the teaching is to the world.

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