The Most Controversial Week Of My Life

Last week may have possibly been the most controversial week of my life. If you are reading my blog (which is what this is posted on), you have probably read the blogs on homosexuality. If you are my friend on Facebook, you probably saw the firestorm that last week’s blogs set off. Last week I had more page hits on my blog than any other week in the history of my blog. WOW. All of that said, my blog was far from my most explosive action of the week.

Now, I am not a controversial person. In an argument I don’t like picking sides because I don’t like offending people. My most controversial and explosive words of the week were never intended to cause the offenses that they created.

My great controversy came in the form of six words on our church’s sign — sacred cows make the best hamburgers. I would never have believed it, but those five words placed me as a rabble rousing pastor in our community. Concerned Christians sent me emails and contacted our church office because of the offensive words placed on our church’s sign. (I am proud that none of the letters or calls came from our church.) Many stated they were “concerned” about what the non churched in our community would think.

For me, I hope our non church going friends had a chuckle at our expense. Funny enough, the sign proved its own point. We as Christians take ourselves so over seriously that we create gods of ourselves. We as Christians have a wonderful habit of taking what God did not make sacred and worshiping it. We love us some religion. All of that said, when we worship anything other than God, even our sacred cows, we become idolaters. What must we do to our sacred cows? For the church to be healthy we must constantly make BBQ out of those cows.

I said yesterday that whenever you take a stand, you become a target. I am glad I got to be a target. Jesus helped to BBQ a lot of sacred cows. He broke many of the non scriptural rules set up by the religious folks of his time. Why? Weren’t people offended? They sure were, but without showing how empty their religion was, they would have never seen how desperately they needed Him.

Would you like french fries with that?

** Just for clarity, our sign was not meant to be offensive to any group of people. It was meant to poke fun at ourselves.

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