Pastoring Is About People

I love being a Pastor. There is no greater job in the world. Like any calling there are the ups and downs, but I wouldn’t do anything else. Here is what I LOVE about being a pastor, I have the opportunity every day to invest and love my friends at the church. Think about it, who else can say they do that every day. I love being a pastor.

As I have spent time with the people of the church, many of them have shared a shocking statement with me. In surprise they look at me and say “we are so glad you are here, no pastor has ever spent time with us like this.” The first few times I heard this I couldn’t understand why spending time with people before and after services was a big deal. I didn’t understand why playing dominoes once or twice a month with my seniors was so monumental. I couldn’t understand why interrupting my schedule to be with my people in pain was shocking. Don’t all pastors do these things?

I do know pastors who refuse to come out of their offices before the morning service in fear that dealing with people will mess with their preaching mojo. I know pastors who see their study time as far superior than their people time.

Ministry is about investing in PEOPLE. From my few years of experience I have learned that my investment in people is greater when I invest in a relationship with them as opposed to simply investing in them from a stage.

I know every environment is different. A senior pastor of a church of 50 can invest into every person in a way that a senior pastor of a church of 250 cannot. That said, the pastor of the midsized church must do what ever He can to spend time with and love every person in the church.

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